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Rent almost any instrument from us! 

All our instrument rentals come new and accumulate credit toward the value of purchasing the instrument from us, so if you find yourself fully committed to that instrument, you can own it faster. 

Each rental has the cost of the appropriate insurance included, so normal wear and tear, maintenance, and even most accidents are fully covered and are taken care of here in our shop at no extra cost to you.

Rental Cost Monthly (by Instrument, taxes and insurance included):

  • Violins for $21.99
  • Violas (Under 15”) for $21.99
  • Violas (15” and up) for $24.99
  • Cellos for $40.00
  • Trumpets for $21.99
  • Flutes for $21.99
  • Clarinets for $21.99
  • Wood Clarinets for $34.00
  • Alto Saxophones for $40.00
  • Tenor Saxophones for $44.95
  • Trombones for $21.99
  • French Horns for $40.00
  • Bell Kits for $21.99
  • Euphoniums for $40.00
  • Baritones for $40.00

Call for pricing and availability on ANY other instruments!


Though we include upgraded strings on our stringed instruments, replacements are not covered by the insurance.

New Instrument Rentals at Used Prices!

High Quality Student Models.

 Upgraded Strings on all Orchestral Instruments.

Sound Better From The Start!



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